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Color Palette Inspiration: Green with Envy

Posted on October 26, 2012 by Charmie Stryker

Colors are an important part of what we do. Each hue tells a story; maybe it makes your eyes look “greener”, highlights a feature, matches your accessories or simply calls for attention. We find our inspiration everywhere when choosing our color palettes. It’s earthy tones make green shades such a complimentary color to any skin [...]

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Coveted: A Handmade Wedding

Posted on October 22, 2012 by Charmie Stryker

Etsy has become such a resource for finding beautiful and unique pieces for your wedding! It’s easy to get lost in all of it’s crafty goodness. Whether your looking for one of a kind pieces or to get crafty, it’s the perfect place for inspiration. Here are a few that we found and fell in [...]

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Posted on October 10, 2012 by Charmie Stryker

Halloween is right around the corner which means costume parties and themed events! It’s tough to find a costume that is wearable, fun and unique to your own personal style. This is why we love the idea of dressing up as a pinup girl! This costume is sexy and very classic with glamorous makeup and [...]

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Day-to-Night Makeup

Posted on September 28, 2012 by Charmie Stryker

Two really great day to night makeup inspirations. Day makeup is best with neutral tones and opaques such as sheer gloss and shimmery shadows. When it comes to night makeup, it’s best to put emphasis on one feature such as dramatic eyes or bold lips. As always, lighting is everything. For example, bathroom lighting usually [...]

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Behind the Scenes: Rae+ Linda Asaf’s “Evolution of Glory”

Posted on September 23, 2012 by Charmie Stryker

We had an amazing time beautifying the models for Linda Asaf’s new fall collection; Evolution of Glory. Inspired by F1, these fancy frocks are perfect for a high class rendezvous. We loved all the amazing details, from the intricate fabrics chosen to the silhouettes and different cuts. It was a beautiful location with a fantastic [...]

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The Anatomy of a Simple Bag

Posted on September 12, 2012 by Charmie Stryker

I know I’m not alone when I say that I find myself frustrated in clutter. Whether it’s the clutter of our office space, car, and even our bag, simplicity is key. This holds true in our everyday routine; the time it takes me to organize my makeup drawer or my closet pays off tenfold in [...]

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Posted on September 8, 2012 by Charmie Stryker

We believe that smokey eyes are an absolute wedding do! A sophisticated glamor that draws attention to your eyes and photographs really well. There are a few things to consider when creating the smokey eye effect. You can do it with a palette of 3 colors varying from lightest to darkest. The most common usually [...]

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Posted on August 31, 2012 by Charmie Stryker

For those of us that are in Austin Texas during September, it’s almost impossible to not feel the spirit of football season! If a new-commer came around football season they would see that there is no shortage in burnt orange wardrobe,  longhorn flags and bumper stickers. As we ramp up for football season, we’re excited [...]

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Posted on August 28, 2012 by Charmie Stryker

Looking through old Vogue magazines and vintage ads, it dawned on me that while some things make its way around the trend cycle, some things never go out of style. This holds true for long, lush lashes. The perfect mascara can enhance and draw attention to your eyes and make you look wide awake. When [...]

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Posted on August 23, 2012 by Charmie Stryker

In our 20′s we’re warned about early prevention for wrinkles and in our 30′s we’re more cautious and look at options to start taking action. So early on we understand that wrinkles are inevitable, fortunately with the advances in research in our day and age, it’s much easier for us to look as young as [...]

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