How to Get the Perfect Brow

Posted on February 10, 2011 by Rochelle Rae


Bold brows are back! Super thin, overly tweezed brows are out. A stronger, more defined brow is a major statement this season; they are such an important feature and can make a big impact. Think Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon or those old Calvin Klein ads. Instead of a fire engine red lipstick or a dramatic cat eye, choose to play up your brows. The trend on the runways was brows-as-a- focal-point, a bit darker and well defined paired with a light lip and an almost nude looking face.

Although you will be giving your tweezers a bit of a break don’t stop using them completely. Be sure to pluck strays and keep your brows well shaped. This season’s bold brow doesn’t mean extremely dark, just very well defined, so when choosing a brow color pick a shade close to your natural color. I suggest a shade slightly lighter than your own, because when filled in it will appear darker.

Also, consider your other facial features when deciding how dramatically to define your brows. If you have thick, dark hair and strong features, a strong brow is easy. If you have lighter hair and delicate features you need to make sure you don’t completely overpower your face. They key to making this look successful is balance.

I like to use a brow pencil and sharpen it before each use. A very fine point makes it easier to produce fine, natural looking hair-like lines. Begin by brushing the brow up. Using the pencil, start at the lower inside edge of the eyebrow, work upward and out, applying lots of small, light strokes. Draw the lines in the direction of the hair growth, trying to closely represent individual hairs for strong but natural looking brows. If you prefer using powder, choose a very thin angled brush, dip it lightly in the powder and follow the same steps. Because the newer brows are a bit fuller, you may want to set them with a sweep of gel. Or, spritz a bit of hairspray on a brow brush or disposable eyelash wand and brush unruly hairs into shape.

I suggest using:

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