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rochellerae Apr 23, 2016 0 Comments Posted in: Uncategorized

Safari app knows no bounds when it comes to its efficient features. Initially launched for Apple, you can look for some of the most amazing features that it has. Therefore, look forward for this guide which talks about the web browser. This web browser is known for the amazing speed that it has.

Safari for Windows is fast and free and lets you enjoy the information retrieval in the shortest possible time. The guide shall talk about this amazing web browser which lets you enjoy a seamless browsing experience. This web browser is truly fast and you can relish the results in a very quick time span.

Features of safari web browser

The Safari web browser is very fast and you can get the results even if the network is not in the right condition. Let us check out why this web browser has become the latest offing for the users. Check out why this web browser has got the best features:

  1. You can look forward for the speech selection process that makes the browsing up to the mark. The procedures are indeed very fast and the results are delivered in a very short time span. It is not always essential to type in the address bar as speech recognition is easier this time.
  2. With inline dictionary procedure, you will love not typing on it at all. Just say it and the results are displayed right there on your desk.
  3. Safari browser is highly secure and lets you enjoy a safe browsing experience
  4. Easy usage has made it a popular browser which has been liked by millions of people worldwide
  5. Privacy features are strong so you can browse and no one would ever know what you are up to!
  6. Through Mute tab, you can silence the audio which is being played
  7. AirPlay enabled lets you play online videos to TV
  8. Through Pin Sites you can access the social networking sites and these are going to stay active in the background

How to use Safari browser on windows?

You can browse across the results in a very short span of time and while talking about the Safari browser, you can easily use it on Widnows as well. Let us find out how Safari browser can be used on windows. Install Safari browser on windows 10 through the following steps:

  • Go to offcial website of Apple
  • Download the latest version of Safari
  • After downloading this file, put these in compressed folder
  • After extracting the file from zipped folder, launch the Safari browser for PC on Windows 10

Using Safari browser is easier than ever, you just need to enter the text about which you wish to know something. As we said, results from the browser are displayed in more fashionable way. So this time, Safari has so many things to offer you. Look forward for the fun which comes alive while browsing through this application.