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rochellerae Jul 1, 2017 0 Comments Posted in: Uncategorized

Shareit lets one transfer files from different devices like phones, tablets, and computers; it uses the wifi connection and allows one to send files, photos, videos, and apps from one device to another. The main feature of the Shareit app is that it transfers files between people without using the phone data. The best feature about this app is that Shareit for PC download free. It is easily available in the play store and it can also be downloaded through the Shareit APK file. Shareit communicates with only Shareit enabled devices.

Shareit has an updated technology with helps the devices that have the Shareit application installed to automatically detect each other when they are in range. It can send files over wifi connectivity without using Bluetooth that also helps one in saving the battery life of a device. Big files are broken into multiple parts and then are streamed and transferred over. Shareit app has the best feature of speed. It is quite speedy that one can send files over 40 times the speeds of the current Bluetooth networks. Shareit also has the feature that allows one to share files between five different users at the same time; making it faster and easier to transfer files between users in a group.

Features of the Shareit App:

There are some features of the application that make it the best sharing application in the market:

  • Bursting fast speed- The Shareit app transfers files at a speed that is 200 times up the speed of Bluetooth. It is known to be one of the fastest sharing applications in the market.
  • System restriction -This application doesn’t require one to be associated with any system to start sharing files; it can share files anywhere and any place.
  • Fastest application- The Shareit app is known to have a fast speed that reaches around 20 MBPS which makes it the fastest sharing application in the world.
  • Cross-platform- This is the best feature about the app which means that a windows phone can share files with an ios device and also with an Android device.
  • Supports most formats- Shareit allows one to share almost every document and file in every format.
  • PC support available- The best thing about Shareit is that it can be downloaded on the computer as well to transfer files from the phone to the PC.

Looking at the speed of Shareit on comparing it with other apps the speed of Shareit is slightly faster. Though the range of area is limited it is still quite used. As it is one such app that doesn’t change the quality or decrease the size of the file while transferring it. The file is transferred in the same size; though Shareit has advertisements but compared to other apps the ads are less that is another reason why it is so widely used by the people. then another reason is that Shareit download free making it widely popular among the people.

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